Nitrogen Purging of Natural Gas Pipelines and Vessels

Course Length

1 Days

Key Areas

  • Industry guidance
  • Types of purging to be undertaken
  • Correct venting and testing
  • Use of equipment
  • Different purging mediums

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Target Groups

The Nitrogen Purging of Natural Gas Vessels and Pipelines training course has been developed for use across all types of industries completing purging operations. Although it is predominantly for use with nitrogen and natural gas, other purging mediums and flammable substances are also discussed.

The purging role is crucial to the safety of all staff, whether it be for removing flammable gas during a decommission or removing oxygen in preparation for operational duties. This course has been designed to ensure understanding of the possible hazards and how to overcome them, through the correct use of knowledge and equipment.

The aim of the course is to provide delegates with the underpinning knowledge for:

  • How to safely remove flammable substances from vessels or pipelines.

Delegate Prior Achievement

There are no delegate pre-requisites for attendance onĀ this course

Physical & Stressful Demands of the Courses

All personnel who participate in gas testing training should be medically fit and capable of participating fully. The responsibility for the individual completing the course, without any adverse effects to their present state of health, lies with the delegate and/or the company sponsoring the delegate.

Performance Validations

Delegates are required to complete an assessment at the end of each module, with a minimum pass mark.

Once the training has taken place and a successful pass mark has been achieved, a suitably qualified assessor must carry out an on-site assessment to verify competence before the delegates are approved to complete the role.

Training Outcomes

The course will be completed with the following learning outcomes:

An understanding of:

  • Industry guidance
  • Flammable atmospheres
  • Definitions used
  • Types of purging
  • Purge endpoints
  • Developing a safe system of work
  • Procedures and standing instructions
  • Sources of purge gas
  • Venting
  • Sampling
  • Detection and monitoring equipment

Certificate Validation

On completion of the nitrogen purging of natural gas vessels and pipelines training course, a certificate will be issued. The certificate is valid for three years.