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Manual Handling – Knees bent, back straight – NO WAY!

BASICS is a mnemonic devised by JMS Training Consultants:

B - Best foot forward: Stand with your feet apart and one foot slightly forward
A - Assess the load: Tilt or push with your hands to assess the load
S - Spine: Keep your spine in its natural position
I - Initiate with the legs: Lift using your legs, not your back
C - Control: Take your time and keep the load close to the body at all times
S - Stop Twisting: Moving your feet prevents a twist... and the biggest cause of injury!

But even the best guidelines are no substitute for a well structured training programme. It is how the course is delivered - hands-on and practical - which makes all the difference.

At JMS, we have incorporated the latest developments in health and safety practice into hands-on courses; tailored to each company we work with. Manual handling requirements vary tremendously between industries and we teach by applying the latest techniques to each company's individual working environment. Rather than concentrating entirely on theory, our trainers use practical, on-site examples using the BASICS model, to ensure that participants on our courses gain relevant experience in best practice that they can use in their everyday working lives.

Our programmes can include the special training of an in-house 'Manual Handling Champion' ensuring that there is a point of contact for everyone in the workplace, who can oversee and help their co-workers to implement our training correctly after the training programme is finished.

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