An internationally renowned training consultancy operating in a wide range of industry sectors.

Who are JMS Consultants?

Our Company

JMS Consultants is a division of OPTIS Europe Ltd an independant and well established ISO9001 accredited international operations and management consulting group.

For more than 20 years JMS Consultants has provided on-site training courses and other engineering services involving gas hazards and gas detection in the UK and Internationally. Our clients include exploration and production oil and gas companies, power generation companies, petrochemical and shipping companies, pharmaceutical companies, steel producing companies, tank cleaning and vessel inspection companies and utilities provider companies, including water and wastewater.

We provide cost effective training to meet the needs of your company. Accredited by OPITO  - the route to competency in gas testing for engineers, technicians and operations staff - public courses are also available throughout the year - a new range of health and safety courses accredited by IOSH and CIEH has also been introduced.

Company Verification

OPTIS Europe Ltd, JMS Consultants parent company, is a fully registered member of First Point Assessment Ltd (FPAL) and the Utilities Vendor Database (UVDB), managed by Achilles. This means that JMS is included in the rigorous verification process for companies supplying services to major oil and gas and utilities based organisations throughout the world. Through FPAL and UVDB prospective purchasers can save valuable time and money during the early stages of procurement.